David C. Womack Outstanding Club Officer Award

The David C. Womack Awards are presented to those individuals within a club who have served in an administrative office, other than Club President, during the current administrative year. Each club may submit one nomination in each of the six categories: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer (must have officially served as both), Editor, and Other Club Administration. Awards will be decided by the District Board, and one Outstanding Award will be given overall. Distinguished Awards will be presented to all applicants who are deemed to have adequately fulfilled the duties of their positions and attained the required level of distinction. When determining the recipient of the Outstanding Award, the District Board will consider the officers who have performed their duties in the most effective manner possible, and who have best exemplified the qualities and characteristics of their office. All nominated offices must have been elected/appointed to their office no later than October 1st. The report is to be endorsed by the Circle K Club President and the Circle K Club Faculty or Kiwanis Advisor. Reports without these signatures will not be judged. All nominations must be submitted to the District Board by the Winter Board meeting, or they will not be considered. Members of the District Board may submit a nomination following the above format at the Winter Board meeting. Nominations not in the above format will not be considered. The District Board reserves the right to decline to present this award in a year when it is determined that there are no qualified nominees.
  • Please list your current email so that we can contact you should an issue occur.
  • Provide the club's mailing address to which the award can be sent if needed.
  • Please upload the award excel form here.
    Accepted file types: xls, xlsx.

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