Bob Snellgrove Single Service Award

The Bob Snellgrove Single Service Award is given to the Circle K Club which, through dedication and unselfish efforts, has produced the best single service project during the year. Each club should enter its most outstanding single service activity, whether it is an ongoing project or a one-day event. Only the project itself, not its duration, will be taken into consideration during the judging. The project to be entered may cover any service performed between last year’s District Convention and the upcoming District Convention. The report is to be endorsed by the Circle K Club President, the Circle K Club Secretary, and either the Faculty or Kiwanis Advisor. Reports without these signatures will not be judged. Newspaper clippings, substantiating photographs, and any other materials necessary may be submitted along with the essay and should be included in a separate file. Each club in good standing with the Alabama District of Circle K International may enter only one project to compete for this award. Awards will be given in the following three categories based upon club membership: Bronze (35 members or less), Silver (36 to 60 members), Gold (61 members or more).
  • Please list your current email so that we can contact you should an issue occur.
  • Please provide the club's mailing address to which the award can be sent.
  • Bronze (35 members or less)
    Silver (36 to 60 members)
    Gold (61 members or more)
  • Upload the completed excel award form from the link above.
    Accepted file types: xls, xlsx.