Dear Potential Candidates:

The District Officers, under the supervision of the Kiwanis Committee on Circle K, lead the Alabama District of Circle K International. District Officers have numerous responsibilities and must be willing to fulfill the obligations of the office completely and on time for the District to run smoothly. Their efforts are truly the success or failure of the organization. Throughout the storied history of Circle K in Alabama, the Alabama District has been blessed to have many outstanding and dedicated leaders, and I have complete faith that will continue far into the future. Nevertheless, each candidate must sign a Service Agreement (located at the right) detailing the duties of their office prior to their nomination being accepted and certfied by the Elections Committee.

Additionally, there are numerous rules and guidelines for campaigning that have been put in place to ensure that all candidates have a rewarding and meaningful experience, free of hazing and bad-faith, while ensuring that the integrity of the election process is not comprised. These guidlines ensure that elections in the Alabama District Circle K are fair, honest and in the best interest of everyone involved. These rules will be reviewed with each candidate in the Candidate’s Meetng on Friday of Convention. Prior to that meeting, one important thing to keep in mind is that  all candidates for District Office or International Office Endorsement must be endorsed by their home club.

Depending on which office a candidate is considering, the election process does vary:

Lt. Governors are elected primarily at their respective Division Rallies by the Clubs of the Division they will represent. However, at a time designated in the Covention Program, any still vacant divisions will be elected at District Convention by all delegates attending. These candidates should be prepared to speak briefly following their formal nomination at a General Session. Further, Lt. Governor Candidates will be given time to speak in Division Caucuses, followed by a Question & Answer Session from individuals in the causcuses.

Running for District-Wide Office, like Governor, Secretary/Treasurer or Communications Officer, involves more time and commitment of service. Formal nominations will be made from the floor of the District Convention sessions as noted in the convention program. Candidates should be ready to address the General Session,  go before Circle Kers in Division Caucuses, and  represent their Home Club and Circle K throughout the convention. Candidates will be scheduled to visit the House of Delegates for a final speech and then the election will take place with two delegates from each club and any delegates-at-large voting. The winners will be installed at the Governor’s Farewell Banquet.

Candidates may also run for Endorsement for International Office. Those offices are Circle K International Trustee, Circle K International Vice-President, and Circle K International President. These candidates will follow the same procedures as those for District-Wide Office.

All those considering running for any office should study the obligations linked at right and be aware of the responsibilities of the office. As part of those office requirements, if elected, attendance is required at the six District Board Meetings each year.

If I can help answer any questions you may have about candidacy, please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours in dedicated service,
Kyle D. Pierce
Ast. Administrator – Leadership & Events
The Alabama District
CKI – Circle K International

District Officer Required Attendance

All 2017-2018 District Officers are required to attend:
2017 District Convention
March: District Board Training
July: Summer Board Meeting
November: Alabama Leadership Academy
January: Winter Board Meeting
2018 District Convention